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Tibetan bowl 7 metals


This tibetan bowl is made Hand hammering and with 7 metals; copper, tin, lead, iron, gold, silver, mercury. It produces a range of harmony sounds that remain through time and extend over the air. Made in Nepal.

The price includes wood mallet and warranty certificate. Aprox.weight; 350grs - 400grs.and 11-12cm./ 0.77-0.88 pound and 4.21-4.23 in.

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Tibetan bowls produce a beneficial effect in people. Therefore, they are used increasingly in Reiki. healing therapy, because to directing the harmony sound through people who wish healing, we can return to an healthier and optimal vibration. These are some of the health benefits:stress reduction, chakra balancing, holistic healing,deep relaxatin, concentration and meditation, a better vision(spiritual)