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Archangel candle


These candles are dedicated to Archangel S. Michael and S. Raphael. Handicraft Candle made with high quality and ecological products. It is used for making a request to the Universe for healing or for other things. It´s ideal for 21 of cleasing or purification as it is thought to last all this process. Very good combustion. You can write your request in the wax layer.

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When you take the wax layer for making your request to the Universe, and after you have already written it, Keep this between your hands in order to do a meditation about what you are asking for and to make the layer flexible, otherwise it can be broken into pieces.

 This candle has 3 parts; a wax layer for your request, a smaller candle, to which the layer has to be rolled up and that goes into the bigger candle, with the symbol of Reiki. It is recomended to use a permanent maker. This candle was made by a Reiki practitioner with much love.

keep out of reach of children. This candle burns during 48 hours continuously.

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