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  • Esta jaula te permite llevar puesto el mineral del chakra que quieras sanar o desarrollar a la vez que te complementa tu vestuario. También lo puedes utilizar como péndulo.

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  • Pulsera chip elástica con minerales que corresponden a cada uno de los chakras. Para hacer esta pulsera se ha utilizado: 1º Chakra: Hematite. 2º Chakra: Agata Cornalina. 3º Chakra: Calcita Amarilla.4º Chakra: Cuarzo verde. 5º Chakra: Sodalita.6º Chakra: Amatista. 7º Chakra: Cuarzo Blanco.

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  • This incense, coming from India, has a mixture of flowers and spices which makes a sweet and oriental aroma. It is handmade. Its scent is maintained for a long time. It helps to concentrate on meditation. The box contains 16gr, (0.04pounds), aprox.15 wands

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  •  T-shirt designed with the symbols of Reiki Usui. Very good quality and 100% cotton. Please choose your size and colour through the shopping cart, and make sure that the size is the one that you need.See bellow.              

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  • Cho Ku Rei Pendant made in silver 925,measured 3cm. This is a symbol of protection and light. Its name means; "place the power of the Universe here"

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